Darlene has made six figures as a real estate investor and endured the heartache of financial hardships throughout the course of her life. It seemed that no matter how much or how little money she made she would continually find herself in and out of debt.

​She never fully understood why the debt cycle was happening until one day as she was praying and God gave her a revelation starting with Proverbs 22:7, “...the borrower is a slave to the lender.”

As she began to seek God’s wisdom, He revealed His teachings on how to live a debt free and prosperous life. It was then that she was able to get out of debt, discover her purpose and become a personal finance coach/strategist who is passionate about helping you and others eliminate debt, increase cash flow and discover your purpose to live the life you crave! 


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She is also the a business owner and founder of Mentality Shift LLC., which is a company dedicated to encouraging, equipping and empowering individuals to live a life free of spiritual and financial bondage.

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