Mentality Shift will help you get to the root of your financial issue by intensive mindset work and education which will ultimately support you in creating momentum in the right direction so, you can maximize your financial wealth. If you are experiencing challenges in any of these areas, lack of income to cover all your monthly expenses, trying

to figure where your money went at months end or unfilled at your current job. And perhaps you feel that you have too much debt to consider leaving to pursue your passion and live the life you crave? These are just a few of the financial challenges we can help you overcome starting today.

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In your 90 minute session we will work with you to customize a plan with action steps for you to easily implement.


Before working together you will complete an assessment, so we can maximize our session together to bring about valuable results to propel you forward in eliminating debt and increasing cash flow.



In your six 60 minute sessions we work with you to help you identify those defeating money habits that may be sabotaging your growth efforts and create new habits that support the financial freedom you desire.


We will also help you in developing a customized financial blueprint that will provide  action steps to  help propel you into reaching your goals and objectives. Before working with us  you will complete an assessment to maximize our sessions together to create the impactful results leading to financial freedom.​ 

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As each individual situation is unique, questions relevant to personal finance, investing and specific to the individual should be addressed with appropriate professional. Doing so ensures that the particular situation has been evaluated professionally, carefully and properly.  Mentality Shift LLC. and Darlene Cotton specifically disclaims any liability, loss or risk that is incurred as an outcome, directly or indirectly, through the use or application of any of our programs, products or services.

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