Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed by never ending financial obligations or lack of income that has affected your health, put a strain on your relationships and robbed you of your time to pursue what you truly crave in life?

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“We Help You Go From Chaos to Clarity,

Control and Cash Flow In Your Life”


Kellen Dieudonne, Owner of Aha Sofya Bath & Beauty

"Before joining the Mentality Shift Coaching with Darlene, I thought my issue was merely money management, but I quickly learned it was more mind management. I learned being debt free is more than cutting cost and saving money. It's about having faith in the process and yourself. In working with Darlene I have been able to pay off $15,000 in debt and increase my saving to $10,000 in 18 short months! I know I have more work to do, but WOW does it feels great to be on the right path!"

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